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     According to the general classification of the industry, can be divided into: piezoelectric quartz crystal, ceramic crystal two. The quartz crystal Zhenzhong has many small categories, such as: Crystal passive, active crystal, cylindrical crystal, SMD crystal and so on.

     Because there are many different types of quartz crystal oscillator also caused the characteristics of multi model and crystal production enterprises can be roughly divided into two, one is the production of passive crystal, is the professional product structure is in the low-end consumer electronics and electronic industry, such as Chuangjie Electronics Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen city is to focus on R & D and production of passive crystal, at present the majority of the company''''''''s products are sold in overseas markets, occupies the important proportion in the export of domestic crystal. McNair to advanced automatic testing equipment, strict and modern production system, and the ISO9000 quality management system, quick after-sales service to provide quality products and services to customers.

      Another kind is the production of active crystal, the product structure more complicated for high-end electronic information technology, such as satellite radar. The mobile communication system, and so on.

The crystal oscillator industry in recent years, development and stability, annual output value accounted for about 30 percent of global output, ranking the forefront of the world. After investigation and analysis, affected by domestic macroeconomic, crystal industry of our country still continue to maintain rapid growth, but growth state than in previous years somewhat fall after a rise. However, the improvement of the situation of foreign trade exports, and further stimulate the development of the frequency components industry, although the trade deficit although a further increase, but the growth rate is indeed a sharp decline.

      From the international market, our crystal industry sales accounted for the proportion of the world''''''''s is not very ideal, although China''''''''s production of quartz crystal production has been ranked first in the world, and generally the above products are exported to the international market, also is China''''''''s export of pillar industries in a. But in recent years, crystal industry of our country import and export trade deficit is more and more, the first is received the influence of accelerating growth of processing trade, the second is domestic crystal do not adapt to the demand for high-end products in the market, new features, new structure and high performance products still need to import to meet domestic market of electronic information, machine localization rate is still very low.

      Crystal manufacturing industry provides the basis for a series of products such as parts of the electronic information industry, is the pillar of the whole industry development. In the whole electronic information industry chain, in the raw material industry and the assembly industry is a value-added link. But the position and function of the whole industrial chain is not so. There are some obvious problems:

      1 domestic production of products and technology differences in the developed countries is more obvious, the entire production of low-end products with low added value, while the high added value of high-end products. Usage of crystal in China each year about more than 1000 billion stars, and 80% is completely rely on imports, high-end products for example, quartz crystal oscillator, almost 100% imported, especially high-end temperature compensated crystal oscillator and voltage controlled oscillator is Japan, the United States, Europe and other places of production, production in China accounts for only a small part of; and for consumer electronics products such as electronic toys, clocks, and other low tech low-end products, China can mass production.

     2. The crystal domestic manufacturing industry technology Co., general situation is in the low-end products in exchange for high-end products to meet the needs of the development of domestic electronic information industry downstream chain. Because of the lack of technical status, the status of electronic information products in the world industry in the world has been reduced, which has restricted the development of the international competitiveness.

     3 generally speaking, China''''''''s crystal manufacturing value added rate is still at a relatively low position. This is because our country''''''''s manufacturing capacity and production technology level is limited, as well as have the intellectual property rights is too little, so can only be based on low-end products.