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        Many mobile phones use crystal oscillator series. If it is used on the mobile phone motherboard, the current mainstream is the small-size patch of TCXO, which is basically controlled by foreign manufacturers, with Japan winning. However, there is a trend that some of them can be replaced by patch resonators, such as 5032. There are basically threeorfour domestic companies that can do it in the field of patch resonators. The manufacturers are mainly distributed in Taiwan, Japan and the United States. If it is other parts of the mobile phone, such as display module, camera module, etc., the application part of the crystal oscillator is generally a more common 49smd or a small-size ceramic patch. 49smd needless to say, the domestic limit of small-size ceramic patches is basically 2.0*1.6 or more. At present, the mainstream is still Japan and South Korea.

     Taiwan Hongxing hosonic
       Hongxing Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 1979. Its products are professional resistor and capacitor manufacturers. In 1991, it invested in the R & D and manufacturing of quartz crystals in Taiwan. In 1991, it began to expand its production base in Chinese Mainland. So far, it has four production bases, nine marketing and FAE strongholds and ten marketing representative offices. Hongxing electronics has become one of the important manufacturers of quartz frequency control components in the world, and is committed to the R & D, design, production and marketing of dip and SMD quartz crystal series products; Taiwan Hongxing is one of the few major manufacturers of crystal oscillators in Taiwan. The company has obtained QS9000 certification and TS16949 certification. Basically, in addition to the application fields in the past, including satellite digital broadcasting, mobile phones and base stations, wireless LAN, and wireless Bluetooth, Hongxing is also actively developing the field of automotive quartz components in automotive electrical products. Hongxing is actively developing the growth market of automotive quartz components in the past years. Since Hongxing has obtained the certification of automotive manufacturers, it will obtain good opportunities in automotive electrical products in the future.

     large vacuum KDS
   with the diversification of vehicle equipment, the demand for RTC modules applied to on-board products also surged. In this market demand, the dsx530gk quartz oscillator developed by Japan''s great vacuum can be produced in real time in the special automobile production line, which can ensure its high reliability. For vehicle accessories that need high reliability, this quartz oscillator is the most suitable product, which has higher reliability and can provide higher cost-effectiveness. The direct oscillation mode is adopted for operation, so that it has three different frequency range applications, including 8 ~ 12Mhz, 12 ~ 20MHz and 20 ~ 40MHz, which meets the high-speed and diverse frequency interface requirements of the next generation of automotive electronic products, and drives the high-speed clock requirements of low-voltage operation. It also adopts the unique technology of large vacuum itself to try to improve the vibration impedance and solve the poor oscillation and other factors, which can be applied in the application fields of vehicle navigation equipment, tire pressure detection device, ABS brake system, etc.

      Japan Radio Industry NDK
   the frequency range of nx3225da series crystals of the company is 16 ~ 55mhz, and the standard frequencies are 16, 20, 24, 26 and 32mhz, which makes its application frequency range very wide. It can also be applied to a variety of products, including all frequencies between 16mhz and 55mhz, which can be achieved by direct oscillation mode. This also shows that the reference frequency inside the nx3225da quartz crystal module is the same as the external output frequency. This design makes the signal jitter of this component very low, and can provide a stable and reliable clock for sensitive product applications, such as telecommunications products and high-speed data transmission. The wide operating temperature range, about -40 ~ +150 ℃, makes this component also applicable to automotive applications. The frequency stability of ± 50x10-6 proves that even in the field of high-tech level, it can also have standardized solutions, which are compatible with the requirements of CMOS and TTL, and highlights the versatility of nx3225da.
        Murata Murata manufacturing office
   CSTCC_ G_ The design method of a oscillator fully conforms to the design concept of energy saving required by Murata manufacturing in the past; Therefore, the power consumption of the whole component is very low, even in standby mode, its current consumption is very low. In addition, the oscillator is fully compatible with the programmed PLL type quartz oscillator in terms of external dimensions. By using this feature, the design threshold can be reduced when designing products. In the design and development stage of the product, it can also provide multiple groups of components with different output frequencies to be integrated into the standard package size, which saves 75% of the circuit board area and 40% of the cost compared with the traditional solution.
   to significantly improve the reliability and efficiency of the oscillator according to the three important indicators of initial accuracy, temperature stability and aging impact, the key is to adopt the oscillator architecture based on dspll. If designers want to implement a saw based voltage controlled oscillator (VCXO), they must use products with a wide range of tunningslope to make up for the poor initial frequency accuracy, temperature stability and aging characteristics of saw. Therefore, cstcc with the above characteristics_ G_ A. It will become the most reliable choice in the fields of telecommunications, networks, industry, automotive applications, and other product applications.

        The ns-32r quartz oscillator is based on the new saw technology design method, which can ensure the safe, reliable and low phase noise transmission of wireless signals. Its special design technology reduces the dependence on temperature and frequency by more than 50%. The optimal frequency can make the temperature characteristic make ns-32r better than at cut chip, especially when used in industrial and automotive fields. Ns-32r can oscillate at the required transmission frequency without PLL (phase locked loop), so it is very suitable for battery drive. The frequency range is above 312 ~ 870MHZ, and the maximum power of the serial resistor is 30W. It has the characteristics of reliable starting and low current consumption, and is suitable for use in harsh environments. The electrode protective layer of ns-32h and Epson''s unique technology help reduce the failure rate by reducing pollution to zero defect level. Ns-32r oscillator can be used in RF-ID, TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system), ISM band transceiver, ZigBee, low-power wireless devices and wireless audio devices.

   Kyocera Kyocera
   Kyocera cx5032ga quartz oscillator is designed with ceramic packaging lead-free and RoHS green process technology as its main product, which not only meets the requirements of automotive electronic products for high reliability, but also achieves high heat resistance and high shock resistance technology. In addition, the product also has a frequency range of 9.843m ~ 40MHz. It is a relatively new designed frequency control component, which can mainly support in vehicle applications with high frequency and low jitter in the frequency range of 9.843m ~ 40MHz. It is suitable for frequency control vehicle electronic equipment and high-efficiency applications. Its application scope includes: anti slip electronic devices, electric steering system, speed motor system, body control system, vehicle airbag... And other vehicle electrical products. The frequency synthesis function can also be transferred to the vehicle engine, which can greatly simplify the relevant production process of high-frequency oscillator, making the lead time of product supply shorter and predictable. In addition, this revolutionary architecture also significantly improves the overall reliability of components... Many new functions. In addition to reducing costs and providing stability beyond traditional solutions, it can meet the most stringent requirements for in car electronic applications.

        Chuangjie electronic cujet
        Founded in 2011, Shenzhen Chuangjie Electronics Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and sales of quartz crystal resonators and quartz crystal vibrators. Its products are widely used in computers, automotive electronics, tachographs, tablet computers, small household appliances, TWS, WiFi modules, smart homes, LED lighting, smart wear, security, sweeping robots and other electronic products. The company has internationally advanced production and testing equipment, Ultra clean production environment, the whole series of products meet ROHS standards.
         Adhering to the business philosophy of "professionalism, integrity and quickness", the company devotes all its resources to a complete set of solutions for product application, strives to build a convenient business bridge between semiconductor manufacturers and electronic product manufacturers, provides high-quality semiconductor products and application services with a professional attitude and level, and realizes win-win with customers, society and other parties.